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Your name is worth money!

Dealer Counting Money

Credit is everything! Stop borrowing money from friends and family, and borrow from your damn self. Quit wishing for a brand new car, watch, or even a new house, and let us show you how to get money with your name. In less than a year, I raised my credit by more than 210 points! Stop looking for social media invites and get BANK invites! HMU.

3 month, 3 Step Program.
Get in & get out

ONE FREE credit analyzation!  Contact us now to get started!

Flat payment of $150 or $50 per month! No hidden fees!! 

Clients' scores we've raised within a few months! $$ 


Tawanna, Author

Spazzed IN credit repair service helped me build my business and live my best life. Thank you!!


Jacque S, Marketer

This program is beyond helpful. My credit limit raised over $7,000 bucks in less than a month

Thanks, SpazzedIN!


Ebony K, Entrepreneur

I was able to raise my credit score by 70 points in only months.

Thank you Spazzed IN!! 

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